Anhydrous Ammonia | Storage Tanks

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Anhydrous ammonia storage tank kits include six decals as outlined below. Note that one side of the storage tank should be positioned to maximize visibility from nearby traffic. Note that anhydrous ammonia liquid/vapor color legend signs need to be placed at the truck receiving bulkhead and on the nurse tank loading risers. These signs are not part of this decal set and must be ordered separately. 


Qty Decal name  Item no Size (inches) Placement
1 MFA Shield
30 x 30

Centered above Anhydrous Ammonia on side most visible to traffic 

Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3)
53 x 7
1 centered under MFA shield on side most visible to traffic and 1 centered on remaining side
82% N C100133
9 x 4.5


Centered under Anhydrous Ammonia on side without Agri Services decal 
3-1-0 (anhydrous)
15 x 15 diamond


Centered under each side of tank at opposite end as fill or loading pipe